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Mar 30, 2023E.5 - Ashley

Ashley (alias) works as an accountant for a non-profit. In this episode we explore how she decided to move across town to live in a neighborhood filled with immigrants from the Middle East.

Mar 2, 2023E.4 - Mark Dever

Mark Dever is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, the president of 9Marks. In this conversation, we explored a bit into Mark’s past — how did he spend his 20s? Why does he talk about the church so much? And why Mark is a terrible sprinter, but a surprisingly good marathoner.

Feb 23, 2023E.3 - Josh and Jenny Manley

Josh and Jenny Manley went from being movers and shakers on Capitol Hill to planting a church in the United Arab Emirates. We loved hearing how they processed the emotions and challenges they experienced, and how they trusted God in the midst of it all. Our faith was encouraged, and we trust yours will be to.

Feb 16, 2023E.2 - Tyler

Tyler (alias for security reasons) grew up in Georgia, went to college to be a doctor, read a book in the midst of a difficult season of loss that changed his plans, and ended up in Afghanistan aiming to reach a people group that later attempted to take his life.

Feb 9, 2023E.1 - David Platt

David is the lead pastor at McLean Bible Church in McLean Virginia, the founder and chairman of Radical, and the author of several books including Radical. In this episode we explored what he was thinking and doing in his teens and twenties that have helped contribute to his zeal for the nations today.

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